Thursday, December 9, 2010

Essential Applications for the New Mac User

So you have a new Mac. Now what? While the Apple Store may have showed you about iLife and the basic Mac applications like Mail and Time Machine, you're left wondering "Where's the beef ?". Here are my favorite Mac applications to recommend to new Mac users.

Postbox - While Apple's Mail program will do for most, some will need more power. Postbox is an incredibly easy to use email application which also integrates your Facebook and Twitter feeds. $39.95

Google Chrome - Google Chrome is by far the fastest browsing experience on the Mac. Despite popular belief, there is nothing wrong with putting Google products on your Mac. Try this browser and you'll see how much further Safari needs to go to keep up. Free

Reeder for Mac - Still in public beta, Reeder for Mac is the best RSS reader you will find for the Mac. Reeder is designed for users of Google Reader and provides a beautiful reading experience. Free

Bodega - With the launch of the Mac App Store early next year looming, Bodega is the Mac app store for the rest of us. A great feature of this application is that it will help you keep 3rd party applications up to date. Just open Bodega and it will go through and check for updates on all non-Apple applications. You can download and install the updates without leaving Bodega. Free

Hulu Desktop - This application provides a more elegant way to view Hulu content on your Mac. It works great if you are a Hulu Plus subscriber. Just a better way than using Hulu via a browser.