Monday, December 27, 2010

Five Tech Sites You Need to Visit Daily

So I'm basically addicted to the web. I would be the perfect candidate for a Chrome OS based Cr-48 (hint, hint Google). There are dozens of tech sites that I view daily but only a core group keep me coming back. Here are the ones you need to bookmark:

1) Techmeme - The de facto source for the latest tech news from around the web. It's simple, well organized and just plain good.

2) Lifehacker - While I'm not a huge fan of the Gizmodo chain of tech sites, I do enjoy the articles they put out and find their discovery of new applications useful.

3) TechCrunch - This site tends to get the latest tech scoops and startup news. Another site where the bloggers tend to be infamous but that shouldn't keep you from its content.

4) Daring Fireball - If you are a Mac user and don't know about this site, it's time to get acquainted.

5) AnandTech - My favorite site dedicated to the hardware aspect of computing. While they do not really have a strong Mac section, they're still a site to check out.

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