Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tech I’m thankful for this year

This post was inspired by an article on Ryan Block's blog.

Here are my top 10 tech products for 2010 (from meh to Bazinga!):

10) iPad - Sure, the iPad received all the hype and publicity when it came out. I'm not going to lie, I waited in line on the release days of both the WiFi version (first one out of the store) and 3G version. I like my iPad but still hate typing on it and reading on it. It truly has not reached it's potential yet. It only just got multitasking. Unless you jailbreak it, it's just not there yet.

9) Bodega - I just can't say enough about this application for Mac. It's free and lets you update all of your 3rd party software from within the application. Download

8) Google Reader - A simple yet powerful way to read about topics that interest you. Being a tech geek, I have my account setup to follow RSS feeds from all the tech blogs. It's free, powerful and a better way to keep up on the latest news. Check it out

7) MacBook Pro - I was fortunate enough to be able to afford a new laptop. I was using a MacBook before and the move up to a MacBook Pro was awesome. The high-res anti-glare screen is the killer feature on mine (and the SSD).

6) Facebook - I was ready to write Facebook off. I didn't get why they wanted to be so open with users data. Then I realized I was using Facebook Connect on so many websites that I couldn't imagine not using it. Facebook has grown up from status updates into a internet passport. I'm drinking their kool-aid now.

5) Twitter - I am a believer in micro-blogging. 140 characters forces you to be concise and to the point. Twitter brings knowledge, free stuff and news.

4) iPhone 4 - Great smartphone minus the phone part.

3) Tech Crunch - Honestly I just started reading this blog a few months ago. Now I love it because they seem to feature more startups than anywhere else. They love beta's and so do I.

2) foursquare - I love the potential that foursquare has. The check-in segment of tech is blazing hot and foursuare have set the standard. Why use it? Free stuff, discounts and it's fun.

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops - Killing communists has never been so fun!