Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are two types of iPhone users. Ones that enjoy the product as is and do not want to do more with it and those who want to fully customize their iOS experience. The latter are knows as jailbreakers. Jailbreaking your iPhone is not as sinister as it sounds. It is merely a way to enhance features that already exist on the iPhone.

Verizon just announced their iPhone launch yesterday. They also revealed a working feature called "Personal Hotspot". The ability to tether your phone's data connection to a laptop was something I wish I had a few years ago. Jailbreakers have had this ability for quite some time.

I use MyWi on my 3G iPad to supply a wifi hotspot when I travel. I am using it right now to blog from Connecticut (in the middle of a Nor'easter). I use my iPad vice my iPhone 4 due to the extra wifi and 3G chips. The battery life is also dramatically superior on the iPad. I can turn my hotspot on to 100% for an entire day and my battery will only drain about 30% with heavy data usage. Outstanding.

If you are interested in jailbreaking your iPhone and/or iPad but are not comfortable in doing it yourself, I will personally help you via email/Facebook or any method you wish FOR FREE! Why would I do this? I like to help people get the most out of their tech.

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