Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year of the Cloud

With the latest update to the MacBook Air, Apple took an aggressive stance toward cloud computing without many people realizing it. Solid state drives are the future but until the price of a large SSD goes down, users must turn to the cloud to store files they cannot fit on an SSD. 64GB of storage is not enough to maintain a laptop with ALL of your content. More and more people are abandoning their desktops and solely using laptops for all functions. Since iTunes is still in the stone ages of content delivery, users must use services such as Dropbox or to store many files.

Cloud computing must come to a fruition in 2011 or Apple may feel the wrath of consumers who are tired of compromise. Users want the speed of an SSD but with the price of a thumb drive. Apple may need to subsidize SSD's in order to get more people to convert. Another way Apple may push the drive to the cloud is to offer MobileMe for free. The ability to sync contacts, email, calendars and more on all of their devices would surely drive sales even higher.

The limitation of modern laptops regarding space is an issue that will eventually fade. More and more users are streaming all content and with the advent of the Mac App Store, more users are downloading smaller applications made for a specific purpose that use little storage space. The data center under construction in North Carolina is evidence that Apple is readying itself for the future of cloud computing. The end of the hard disk drive era is upon us. Solid state is the future and Apple is leading the way.