Saturday, February 19, 2011

MacBook Pro Refresh Time

So by now everybody and their mom thinks the new MacBook Pro line will be in stores next Thursday. They're probably right. Since I just bought a new MBP last October, I will not be participating in this latest refresh frenzy. So what do we expect to see? Here's what I'm thinking:

- Sandy Bridge: should be a given. Maybe not quad-cores just yet but new Core processors for sure.
- SSD as a standard: The single most dramatic upgrade you will ever see.
- Liquid Metal redesign in all black: I really think this will happen.
- USB 3.0: Why? FireWire is dead.
- Loss of Optical Drive: Who burns stuff anymore anyway?
- Built-in 3G chip as an option: connectivity anytime.

I think this refresh will be dramatic and am surprised to see it happen before the iPad 2 announcement but only time will tell.