Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Apple Can Learn from Google's Cr-48

I recently was surprised to find a Google Chrome netbook waiting at the door for me. I had requested one through the Cr-48 pilot program when it was announced last year but was not counting on getting one. I am a heavy Google user and use everything from Calendar to Latitude. So far I love it and here are some of the features Apple should employ into their future laptops:

1- Integrated 3G/CDMA chip with multi-carrier compatibility. Qualcomm makes a chip capable of using either network. This would eliminate the need for users to tether or carry a 3G stick. This is the last step Apple needs to make MacBooks truly mobile.

2- Bring back the black MacBook. The all black matte look of the Cr-48 is killer. The texture is great and it is just a sharp looking computer. There is no branding whatsoever on the Cr-48 although the glowing Apple is not something I want to go away.

3- Price is everything. While the details of the Cr-48's price are not clear, many imagine it will price for only a few hundred dollars. The sub-$400 sector is a place Apple seems not to want to enter. I think they would sell many netbook style computers especially with OS X Lion coming in the near future. There should be an option for an OS X machine for less than $500.

My favorite aspect of the tech industry is how companies push each other with no regards to cost. This process of innovation by mutually assured destruction is great for consumers.