Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why I Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is not a crime. The greatest misconception about jailbreakers is that they want to steal. The reality is that most just want to be able to control their devices. Imagine buying a computer where you weren't allowed to be an actual administrator (ahem, Windows 7) or buying a phone that you could only use a certain way. Jailbreaking is about unlocking the freedoms inherently built into a device. If you pay for a phone with your hard earned cash, you should be able to do whatever you want with it regardless of the original creators intent. This attitude is not about rebellion but more about ownership.

Let's discuss the most popular jailbroken device; the iPhone. If you purchased the original iPhone like I did back in the day, you remember how few features it really had. There was no app store; hell, there was no iTunes app! Apple was the only company allowed to produce applications for the phone and the pickings were slim. This spawned a need that a few hackers decided to fill.

There is a lot of talk on how these hackers should make the jailbreaking process more clear. What people fail to realize is that this movement is not meant to go mainstream. The goal is not to have everyone running biteSMS or MyWi. The goal is to maintain the channels required for jailbreaking open. As long as Apple keeps plugging holes in code, hackers will find new ones. I find it hard to believe that Apple does not have at least one person on staff dedicated to analyzing the latest jailbreak applications. The hacker ethos is what Apple was founded on and while they hate to admit it, it's what keeps them going.

I jailbreak for three simple reasons:
1- biteSMS
2- MyWI
3- To customize my iPhone's appearance.

Jailbreaking is gaining in popularity but the stigma still remains.