Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Switched

I am up in the Bay Area visiting my family and so I have some downtime. I was getting stir crazy so I decided to pass some time doing what Americans do best; shop. I went down to the local Best Buy where I enjoy looking but not buying. I wanted to check out the latest smartphones but then remembered that they only have display models with fake homescreen stickers in place of actual working units. So I moved onto the laptop section.

At first I was floored by how cheap the laptops were. I think the top of the line HP laptop they had was the Envy Beats by Dre Edition which was only $849. Great price I thought to myself. Then I started to use it.
It's a shame that such a decent piece of hardware is stuck running Windows 7. It makes total sense to me that HP would want to transition to its own webOS platform. Windows 7 has a way of taking the life out of a system. It's just Vista with a slightly better Aero interface (which is a ripoff of OS X by the way). I don't know what manufacturers think when they load new laptops with so much crapware. Do people actually buy anti-virus programs via the link on their desktop? Who the hell uses Earthlink anymore?

I then eased my way down to the Apple section. There were some kids checking out the MacBook Air and some adults checking out the MacBook Pros. Even the displays Best Buy uses to show off Macs are just simple. Simplicity goes a long way for a consumer. We want things that just simply work out of the box. I have yet to encounter an Apple product that I struggled with out of the box. Not so when I was a Windows user. I still have nightmares of times when Windows ME gave me constant blue screens of death years ago.

I just got tired of Windows getting in the way of what I wanted to do with a system. You shouldn't have to massage an operating system to get it to do what you want. With defragmenting, anti-virus, disk cleaning, scanning and more, Windows just got to be too much. I do miss the prices of Windows systems. I saw a $250 netbook that seemed to be decent enough. The cheapest Mac I own is a $999 MacBook Air.  You do get what you pay for however.

While Macs are much more expensive and don't always justify the price difference, I will never go back. I do wish there were more plastic based OS X systems. I'll pay the price for an aluminum MacBook Pro but I would just as well buy a plastic one. Design is something worth paying for to some but for me its all about the specs. It can look pretty but it better get the job done. While I always get the urge to save money and just buy a Windows computer, my common sense kicks in and I make it a Mac.